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Default Question about multiple mic positions and reverb

Hi guys,

I treated myself to a new 1TB SSD this week, which means I finally have room to have all the Hollywood libraries and Pianos where they should be. Huzzah! Until now I just had the main mic samples on SSD, and as a result that was all I tended to use.

So now I'm looking forward to mixing in other mic positions, and I find myself wondering just what to do about reverb when multiple mics are involved. The more I think about it, the more convoluted (no pun intended) it seems.

Assuming the goal is basically to get something sounding similar to a professional live orchestral recording... well, considering close mics, for example: Is it worth while adding some reverb to simulate bounce back off whatever walls are closest to the particular mic position? Or is it a better idea to keep the close mic samples as dry as possible and leave the room sound to the mains/surrounds?

Aware that I'm probably overthinking it

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