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Default VE Pro tips/suggestions with PLAY


I was just thinking since alot of people are using VE Pro, maybe East West could provide some specific tips and suggestions about using Play with VE Pro. Whenever I do a quick internet search, most of the recent information to be found is usually regarding VE Pro and Kontakt, and for some reason the information regarding Play turns into a hate-fest with people ranting on and on all day about Play, blah blah blah. This is not helpful, as I have used East West libraries for over a decade since the Kompakt player days on Windows XP lol. It is a little trickier since the advent of the whole Cloud/installation center thing, but I got it working, so I don't see what the big deal is!

Specifically, it would be great to know how East West would recommend:

1) Should one instance of VE Pro have only one instance of Play?
2) Or should one instance of VE Pro have multiple instances of Play?
3) Multiple instance routings of audio and MIDI for the different DAWs, specific to each one (ie. Logic, Cubase, etc)
4) Recommended VE Pro settings with Play based on different scenarios (ie. Thread counts, buffers, etc)
5) Recommended PLAY engine settings when using VE Pro

And obviously any other real world advice to optimize your setup.

Just a suggestion. Thanks
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