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Default Saxophone patches

Hi all,

As much as I love the orchestral instruments and the many, many sounds that come with these packages, one item still leaves me disappointed and that is the quality of the saxophones. As a classically-trained saxophonist (my saxophone professor in college was also the principal saxophonist for both the New York Philharmonic and Metropolitan Opera at the time), it continues to disappoint me that most virtual instruments haven't been able to capture the tone and warmth of an orchestral/concert band saxophone. I'm currently subscribed to ComposerCloudX and cannot afford some of the other packages that EastWest has to offer. Thus far, all the saxophone plugins on ComposerCloudX I've found are all jazz based, with a brighter tone and very few playing options compared to the other orchestral instruments listed. Could EastWest please look into this and provide some better saxophones for the ComposerCloudX that can be used in a concert band or orchestral setting?

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