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Old 11-04-2019, 12:46 PM
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Arrow Play is a limitation. A Purge function gives freedom!

Hello dear EastWest-Developers Team.
I am a subscriber of the ComposerCloud and I do really like the Idea of having almost everything you could imagine for just 15$ monthly. - especially as a student.
But I really dont like the idea of being limited to RAM... - I have 32gigs and thats a lot compared to my fellow students with 16 or even just 8 gigs.
But their templates are waaay bigger and resulting from that, they dont have to decide, wich instruments they might want to use or not. They use Kontakt and
Kontakt has this awesome PURGE function. Yes....Play has one aswell but its not even close to as good as Kontakt´s.
I mean. On the other hand I think about EastWests future.
Many library developers go away from Kontakt.
Orchestral tools did announce their own. Spitfireaudio has their own already.
So. Teachers wont teach their students "Kontakt is the way to go" anymore.
It will be up to the composer. But at the moment. Everything is just better than Play. - So no aspiring composer limited in ram will use it....
So. Do me the favour and give Play a massive update.
get rid of the old FX interface. Probably leave the whole FX panel out.
90% use FX in their DAW. Its faster and again. - you get more freedom.
Dont you want the "next generation" to use Play?
If so, include a good purge function!

Thank you

Maximilian Beißel
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