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Old 04-09-2020, 08:43 AM
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Default additional orch instr sounds, timbres and articulations

Hope you all stay safe given the circumstances...
As a classical composer it would be very useful and helpful to consider adding some more orchestra instruments sounds, timbres and articulations.
- bowed percussion: glocken, vibes, crotales, tam etc
- other perc fx like tam scrape with a coin, cymbal scrape, piatti swish etc.
- timpani effects like glissandi and superball fx
- add perc instr like whistles, fruilli sticks, wind sheet,
- different mallets (wool,wooden, metal, rubber) for pitched and unpitched
- harmonics for Viola, Cello D.Bass
- Strings section effects (f.e. intense string pressure, glissandi, Ligeti fx, etc)
- trills for double basses
- harp glissandi major, minor (melodic and harmonic), dimin. augment.
arpeggios etc
- woodwinds scales in the same tempo or fit on the DAW project tempo
- and maybe prepared and picked piano...
Thank you and keep up the excellent work! HSO is the best orchestra there is!!
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