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Old 04-21-2020, 09:24 PM
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Default Problem with play_vst_x64 and NKS

First question, is play_vst_x64 obselete at this point? It still exists in my system and the last modified date is in 2018. In my case the play_vst_x64 is funky and UI will overlap with each other/not refresh so I never used it.

I've been using play.vst3 without problem with cubase and I have 6.1.8 installed. Recently I just got a Komplete Kontrol S keyboard, which I initially thought would recognize Play.vst3 but it didn't. Instead it registered play_vst_x64 which I couldn't use. Just wanted to know is KK supposed to use the play_vst_x64? If yes where can I get an updated version? Thanks a lot!
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