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Old 04-29-2020, 12:03 PM
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Default Gold vs Diamond with MIDI controller

Hey all, I just got a Kawai MP11SE to use as a keyboard controller for playing VSTs. I'm wanting to get Hollywood Strings and am unsure which version to get. Would using Diamond make the keyboard input too laggy, if my computer's specifications otherwise support it? I've read that Gold is far less resource intensive but unsure if that relates to just composing or playing samples as well.

Thank you!
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Old 04-30-2020, 05:59 PM
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The Midi keyboard used in question would have no effect on lag between the HW Gold or Diamond. Either way, once the instrument was loaded (where the speed of loading is greatly affected by what type of drive you have the samples on), the midi send should be the same no matter what instrument is loaded - the Buffer size would control audio processing/playback latency (though you can't put that too low with either library or you'll have eternal popping/clicking - 512 is our recommended buffer - 1024 if you need, or if you have a good audio interface, 256 may work)

The real difference you'll see computer wise is the gold is 16-bit samples with 1 mic position, Diamond is 24-bit samples with 5 mic positions and the HW Strings Diamond has extra bow change legato articulations and Divisi strings not in gold.

Due to the extra sample bit depth and the extra mic positions (if you choose to utilize them), the Diamond does take more CPU Processing and more RAM than the Gold, especially noticeable if building a full orchestral score
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