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Default Welcome all new members to the EASTWEST Forums! Please read this first

Hello and welcome.

We're glad to see you here, thanks for joining.

Lurkers, what are you waiting for? Register and participate so you can use our invaluable SEARCH functions!!

When you register, please fill out your profile as completely and accurately as you can so we can get to know you, and introduce yourself in that section of the forum. We figure if you introduce yourself, you are serious about participating here with us and want to stick around for a while.

If you put your real name in your signature line it will make things less "anonymous" for us. It's a pet peeve of mine that forum members use "pseudonyms", if you have nothing to hide, why not let us know who you are, and your background - I use my real name?

Post often, but always respect other Forum members opinions even if they clash with your own. Try and win them over to your side if you wish, but in a friendly way!

Don't be afraid to ask questions. No question is too dumb; it's how we learn. I think you will find our members are bright, passionate, articulate and intense about what they love (as they should be).

Why aren't my posts showing up?

To reduce spam, we moderate a new forum member's first post. If it's not spam we'll bump you from "New" to "Registered" status, and you'll be able to post without waiting for a moderator for all subsequent posts.

Keeping the peace:

Here at our Forum, we want you to feel comfortable in posting about what is important to YOU without fear of being slammed. I have given power to our moderators here to do what they think should be done. I do this because I cannot of course be here all of the time and I trust their judgment. I'm very grateful for their help and support.

What is the purpose of this forum?

Our forum is to discuss EASTWEST, QUANTUM LEAP and EASTWEST distributed products. It is not to discuss our competitors products, there are other advertiser based forums that provide that service. Of course, discussing our products in use with other companies software or hardware is part of our mission also. We are here to help each other get the best use out of our products. If you can help someone with a problem or you have some tips please post an article. Here you can talk to the producers who created your products. We feel it's important to know what's on your mind, and hopefully you'll get valuable feedback to the music you post here also. Occassionally, we have composer contests here in the "music" section with great prizes!

Before starting a new topic, please use our search engines to find topics that we might have covered before; there is a wealth of information here at your fingertips.

This is important!

We do not allow third party advertising in topics or reply posts; any post which violates this rule will be deleted without notice. What is third party advertising? A product announcement, without any reference to it's use with EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP and EASTWEST distributed products.

We will not allow any advertising or trading of illegal software. Our forum members understand supporting a developer enables the developer to create more products for them in the future. We wouldn't steal your music; please don't steal our sounds or software.

Please, no political or religious discussions here. These topics do nothing but turn Forum Friends against each other in no time.

Before you post here, please read the FORUM RULES here:


They are not hard to follow and are necessary for everyone's benefit. Having thousands of members can make things a bit heated sometimes. If you have a thorough knowledge of our procedures it will make things easier.


So, new Forum Friends: Enjoy your stay here, post often. We want you to have fun.

And lurkers, don't hesitate to join. No reason to be shy; most of us don't bite..

If you feel that you need to contact a moderator for any reason, notify us by using the "contact us" link at the bottom of the forum home page. Please note any communication with moderators is always confidential.

Tell your friends about us!

Thanks very much for being here.

Doug Rogers
Founder and Producer

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