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Old 02-03-2019, 11:33 PM
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Smile Rap/ Hip-hop vocal virtual instrument

Hi all

I had an idea for a new library for EastWest virtual instruments.

Could EastWest please make a rap/hip hop text to speech software? For the most part it will be a simple text to speech program, but with more control over the timing of when words are said and the tempo they are said at. This software would not need pitch as much because it would be rap/hiphop. It would mostly need tempo and note duration options so that the vocal track could be matched to syncopate with the instrumental track. To add to the realism of the voice you could record common words used like "and, the, I, you, love, or, is, that, he, she, them, ect" as samples and make them key-switches. Also, in the speech of hip-hop there is sometimes a small lift in pitch at the end of words, you could achieve this by making a key-switch linked to the pitch wheel on the keyboard. Also, the breath samples used previously in Vocaloid 5 or Voices of soul would be a great way to improve realism in this hip hop vocal library too.

It would be a great idea for EastWest to consider a rap/hip hop based software as many of the most popular music these days use rap/hip hop vocal techniques, so there is a customer demand. Also many pop music these days that uses rap uses auto-tune or some voice modulation software (e.g. kanye west), so even if this software sounds a little robotic it will actually still sound the way this genre of music naturally sounds. It might even be worth considering aiming for the auto-tune Kanye West kind of sound of rap by using those voice effect as filters on the voice actor while recording the phonemes for the word builder. Why? you might ask, because that sound is very profitable and people will buy that sound.

Kind regards Jess
Closed Thread

autotune, hiphop, kanye west, rap

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