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Old 04-07-2020, 11:16 PM
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Default wordbuilder text editor markers and commands

1 - the solo button is nice, but a complement to this, other than copying/pasting around with the risk of loosing edits, would be to have an option that would repeat a selected string of words.
in the UI, we now have 3 control groups: word, syllable and letter. A fourth one would be “selection" with at least one repeat button (kind of solo for a group of words).
2 - a lock edits option for time edition, i know that it could be kind of tricky to implement that but there must be a way to prevent loosing time edits when adding or deleting a letter from a word, maybe unless a space is added breaking a word in two, but that could be and option too.

3 - text editor markers, repeat x times, goto commands, i’m pretty sure somebody at EW already thought of that kind of feature, copy/paste and comments (#) are ok but it is difficult to keep track of word time edits.
# is used for comments
right clicking in the text field could make a context option menu giving a choice of commands to be inserted at the cursor position like: using % as marker label separators and $ as command separators.

marker label examples:
%intro%, %verse%, %chorus%, %fade out%, %any kind of user text input%
a new label or a single % would mean the end of a part of song

command examples:
$repeat,verse,1$ = repeat labeled part x times
$goto,chorus$ = go to marker label
$skip,1$ = skip after x repeat times

commands separators could be avoided if a separate command editor field is created,
one command per line

maybe a simplified method would need only one command like in this typical sequence:
intro, 1 = go to label intro and perform 1 time
verse, 2 = go to label verse and perform 2 times
chorus, 1 = go to label verse and perform 1 time
verse, 1 = go to label verse and perform 1 time
chorus, 1 = go to label verse and perform 1 time
bridge, 1
reset would mean reset position
it would continu like the standard way if no more goto commands are found

you get the idea, EW may have something better in preparation… :-)
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