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Old 01-09-2017, 01:53 PM
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Default Hardware (CPU) question for users who use larger templates

I am trying to spec a hypothetical (possibly real) workstation that could handle templates with say 100-200 articulations at the ready, split over multiple instances of Play and Kontakt, along with plenty of room left over for channel strip eqs and so forth. For those who use larger templates, what is your CPU? --like how many cores vs how many instances of Play, how many audio channels, xeon or I7? (I see that shiny new 10-core I7). Is it cheaper/smarter to split this across two machines with VEP? I've used both Mac and PC up until now, and am comfortable with either (I'm also an IT guy by day). I'm pretty sure I know what I need for ram and ssd as well.

Thanks for whatever comments anyone may have.

(It's a shame about some of the internal bandwidth limitations on the old Mac Pro 2010, as OWC is selling these models fully maxed out with xeon x 12 cores (2x6@3.46GHz) for a fraction of the price of a late 2013 Mac)

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