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Default Spaces II - Panned Mono Signal to Stereo (M-S)


lets say I have a dry horn and I put it through Mono-Stereo (M-S).

Definition: Mono-Stereo (M-S)
means mono in and stereo out. So normal stereo reverb, where the input is summed to mono before being processed.

I would like to melt the dry horn signal with the wet spaces II Signal. If the input (L+R) is summed to mono before being processed, then there should not be any space difference at all when panning the dry horn signal left.
This I find strange, because there is a difference in the wet signal of the space when I change the horns panning before the reverb.

Since the IRs were already recorded in there original position - the most realistic way would in this case require no (Pre-reverb) panning at all for the horn. But if I want to also mix the dry horn signal with the wet one, the dry signal has to be panned to the left.

Can anybody help me to understand this more clearly ?

Cheers, lokotus
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