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Default "Cheats" For Improving Workflow with Templates

First, the question: What are the shortcuts/cheats/tips/tricks you have for streamlining your workflow for ease of use?

Now, the explanation: I've worked up a nice template that includes just about everything I'd use. I've been working paid projects using this template, and although I'm relatively new to using the Hollywood series (I think I started about 8-9 months ago, maybe even less) I felt like I had a pretty good setup. Basically, I do a pretty simple thing where I assign articulations to separate MIDI channels and that works really well.

However, yesterday I thought about the fact that there are many, many more instruments in the libraries that I haven't even begun to look at, mainly with the massive amounts of strings. I broke out the Full Strings Divisi, and I won't even begin to try to remember the exact name but it's the one where the mod wheel takes it from niente to no vibrato, gradually increase both in volume and amount of vibrato. I've never used this one, but I can see that it would be useful...BUT...

...I've already got I think 6-7 articulations and/or effects in my violins, for instance. It seems like if I were to build a template with everything I might ever possibly need, it's just going to get cluttered - not to mention difficult to remember which MIDI channel is assigned to which instrument/articulation/etc.

For my current large project, it's an entire album worth of orchestral arrangements of metal songs (rather, orchestral arrangements ADDED to metal songs), and I have been saving a new VEP project for each song so that I'm not spending time loading up instruments that I'm not using for that song.

So what are some good tips you folks have found for keeping yourself organized? One such example of the type of tip I am looking for is something I actually have already implemented - I keep pizz strings separate from my other string tracks. This makes sense for me because I'm rarely (if ever) going to switch quickly between pizz and legato strings in a single passage.

Related note: I watched this cool interview video with Brian Tyler where he walks through some of his setup, and when you look at his computer he's actually using an iPad so he can search articulations and instruments. Screen is small, but it actually looks like he keeps a separate track for every single one, which is just nuts to me and does not seem practical. Educate me, friends!
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