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Old 02-12-2018, 05:52 AM
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Default Kawai VPC 1 with EastWest

Big-time newbie here, but I'm trying to figure out whether I can go ahead and purchase a Kawai VPC1 keyboard controller toward future use with EastWest software. I'm primarily a pianist, and VPC 1 is primarily a pianist's controller, and I'd like to go ahead and get started on that. But I'd also like to compose with orchestras and choirs someday, and I'm wondering whether the VPC 1 will be able to handle that. It doesn't have a mod wheel or a pitch bender, nor does it have a jack for an expression pedal, but I'm intending to use a breath controller for some of the expression. Will that be enough? And if not, is there some way to simulate a mod wheel while still using the VPC 1? Thanks, and forgive my ignorance.

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