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Default Shen Yun (OT)

For any fans of Silk, RA, and in particular Chinese instruments, do make sure to check out this show.

The choreography and costumes are absolutely spectacular, and it's a great opportunity to hear a live performance of a "modern Chinese orchestra" up close, including solo performance on erhu (the two stringed violin).

The orchestra they used was very minimal, almost chamber orchestra - flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, one trumpet, one horn, percussion section (lots of Chinese percussion obviously), a few violinists, cello, double bass; supplemented by traditional Chinese erhu, pipa, etc, all electrifically amplified. There are also sound effects, pre-recorded, played back in sync with the show. And there's animation projected on the background, which is cleverly integrated with the choreography.

You just gotta see this live.

One caution: the show I watched today had some pretty political anti-Chinese government messages. I won't go into detail as it's against the EW forum rules. Shen Yun is a NYC based dance academy, focused on traditional Chinese dance and music, which goes back thousands of years. They perform all over the world, except in China.

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