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Originally Posted by Dominik Raab View Post

If I may make a suggestion: can you use a pedal while playing live? I get that the modwheel can be impractical since you're probably playing with both hands - but you've got a foot free, I guess. Mapping an expression pedal to CC1 allows you to adjust volume and timbre over the duration of a note (like the modwheel does) instead of just at the beginning. Believe me, it does sound a lot better.

Let us know your solution. There might come a time when I need a live setup, too. Fingers crossed.
This is probably the best way to think about this, since you really wouldn't want to use a single velocity value to control what is normally controlled by a a continuous set of expression controllers (or, in the case of vibrato, modulation).

This is a fundamental issue with the construction of a piano vs a string instrument, methinks. Since HS is designed to map the unique characteristics of string bowing to a keyboard, (and since a vast majority of the huge patches are reliant on this to crossfade between samples), you're much better off using an expression controller (like the pedal mentioned) of some kind and the modwheel, not using velocity.
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