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Old 10-17-2017, 11:15 AM
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Default SSD for Hollywood Orchestra

I saw somewhere that it is a good idea to have at least Hollywood Orchestra on an SSD drive. So if I put HO on a 256 SD and everything else on my internal 7200, is this a good way to do? If so, then do I have to change the default path for these samples?
Old 10-17-2017, 12:35 PM
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Without a doubt you will want HO on at least a regular SSD. Will 256GB be enough room? As a reference, HO Diamond with the Solo Instruments takes up 800GB on my 1TB SSD.
If anything I would put my OS on the 256 and get another for HO. Believe it or not, our beloved SSDs are fast but not even close to the new NVMe SSDs which I mention wherever I can. Normal SATA SSDs move data about 350-500mb/sec (way better than 100mb of 7200rpm drives). NVME SSDs move data about 3500mb/sec! I use one for my Komplete Libraries, and the Full Orchestra in the Symphony Series (full, not Essentials) loads in a literal snap, there's not even time to see the progress bar. Can't wait to get that going for my HO libraries. So to answer your question, absolutely put HO on an SSD. If you want to think about the faster NVMe SSDs, they are still expensive and coming out slowly, but the cheapest way to get that going in a PC tower is to get an M.2 2280 stick and put it in a PCI adapter. I currently use these:

The 500GB is $289: Samsung 960
And the adapter is 20 bucks: SilverStone PCI adapter. Plug this into the wider 16X PCI slot so you get the full 4x speed. It does fit in the smaller PCI slots but you only get 1X speed. The wider slot is way bigger than this card, but it will fit and work. Your speed to load and play samples will be mind-blowing.
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