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Default Hi Folks Marty Frasu here

I'm Marty Frasu I'm David's technical slave, I mean Technical assistant. I have been working for David for 17 years now.
David is preparing right now for a lecture at Sundance and he will get to your questions ASAP.

In the meanwhile if you have any technical questions about his setup or your setup, I would be glad to answer any questions I can.

I can tell you this: The advances in music technology are amazing. 17 years ago, 256 MB of ram in your computer was a big deal. I remember when David got his first 1 GB Hard drive, that was a big deal and it cost $2800.00. Now you can go to Fry's and buy a 4GB flash drive for $9.99. We have been though it all. In film scoring, we recorded to two 24 track Studer tape recorders with Dolby SR. We synchronized to the video using Lynx boxes. We would rewind, roll, and wait for all the tape machines to lock up. Every 15 minutes of recording they would need to put on new tape reels. a reel of 2" tape cost $200.00.
We would need 2 reels for every 15 minutes of recorded music. That is $400.00 in tape costs alone for 15 minutes.

For David's composing rig, it grew into six 30 space racks, full of rack mounted synths, samplers, mixers and FX processors.
It took a cartage company to move it and it would take me a few hours to set it up.
It was even designed for quick setup, the racks had 120 pin ELCO connectors to route the MIDI and audio.
David has probably owned every synthesizer, sampler and FX processor on the market. We have a long history with all of this equipment.

Let's fast-forward to 2009.
David uses Logic 8. Don't get me started with the memory issues in 8, He just ordered Logic 9 yesterday.
We hope that those issues are behind us now.
No more hardware synths, samplers or effects, everything is virtualized with Plug-ins. No love lost by not having all that hardware. I don't get nostalgic about the good old days, or how awesome analog synths are. DId you ever have to deal with ground loops, mechanical failure or having a knob sheared off during transport? I did. Today the synths and samplers sound better than ever, I can have more sounds, more tracks, more reverbs than ever before. Have we reached audio nirvana we have been striving for? Maybe not, but we are a lot closer.

Bring on those questions gear-heads!

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