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Default Developing Relationships and Getting Work from Older Composers


Thanks so much for your generosity in taking the time to do this.

How can younger composers build a long-term relationship from that first meeting? How likely is it that a younger composer who is working enough to have a difficulty making time for assistant work still finds a way to develop a working relationship (doing additional music, orchestration, etc.) for a bigger composer? And when the older composer does offer the younger composer work, what's the best way for the young composer to go about getting screen credit on the project, cue sheet credit, "fair" pay, etc., without sacrificing the relationship?

Thanks again.

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Not sure i understand the question fully. I am not that experienced in having people write music for me so I don't know that I can speak to that. Of course it's much better to get your own projects and not to have to write for someone else or orchestrate. I think you would be better off doing copying work so no one really knows what you are doing. In terms of relationship, you could look at some of the other posts. good luck

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