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Default What associations should someone join to network in the industry?

David, looking back at your own career, have there been certain connections you have made that have really opened doors for you?

With that in mind, what trade associations and trade meetings would you recommend to up-and-coming composers who want to aggressively network in order to form those critical industry connections?
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Old 07-29-2009, 10:32 AM
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The most important connections are "getting an agent" It's very hard to get work without an agent, but it's very hard to get an agent without work. As soon as you get any job you should try to get an agent. Also, BMI or ASCAP can be helpful. In LA doing UCLA film extension courses can be good or doing the Grad USC program. However, none of this is a sure way. The best way to get going is to get your music to editors and music editors as they are always looking for music to temp into movies. If you music gets temped in a movie, the director is sure to hear it and you then have a chance of getting the film or project. But it's a very hard process that demands patience and tenacity.

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