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Old 09-06-2015, 11:53 AM
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HS Diamond (main mics, legato is Leg BC + Slur + Port RR LT 12.Ni):
a) 2:05 (very odd; the last time I did this it was 59 seconds…at least I'm pretty sure it was)
b) 0:34 (wow, that was insane)

Pianos Gold (bosi master.ewi):
a) 0:08 (danngggg)
b) < 0:01 (actually had to do this multiple times because I wasn't expecting it to be that fast and literally it loaded before I was able to go tap tap to turn timer on and off)

Hope this helps!
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Old 09-06-2015, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by -Lawson- View Post
Hope this helps!
Thank you.

That was quite different from my tests, where the two scenarios had similar times (12-13s for Platinum Pianos), whereas my HDD times were double.

However, it will all depend upon from where the 'repeats' are pulled. Your times tend to suggest they were pulled from a cache in RAM, whereas mine might have been from the cache on the drive. These may be some of the differences between Win and OSX, or just how caching for your RAID0 is implemented.

Where is your RAID0 controlled?

If indeed it is from RAM, it unfortunately does not tell us much about the SSD as the paths are quite different, with many different factors involved, with the repeat being a fancy copy from memory to memory, rather than going through the IO chain.

Pulling from cache on the drive means that pretty well the only thing different between the paths of the scenarios to the memory is that the SSD flash and its driver electronics is involved in the initial, but not the repeat, and that would allow us to directly measure the difference that the SSD technology makes.

The really useful comparison with your RAID0 would be to do an initial load from a single SSD, as that would directly indicate whether your RAID0 setup does give some benefit.

Of course, one could repeat the single and RAID0 tests with HDDs, but that is a lot of effort.

As for your differences in the initial load times compared to that previous test, it could be dependent upon cache size and what you had been doing before that. If you had loaded it up earlier in the same session as that previous, loaded up something else, then loaded the first up again, a substantial part may have still been in cache. That is why the initial load MUST be from a virgin initial load, which considering that cache may be in RAM, means that only an initial load done soon after a bootup may produce accurate results. The optimum is a patch that has just enough files to fill the cache, to ensure it is completely flushed. Too many, and some would need to be read from the drive for both scenarios, padding the results. A fine line.

Unfortunately, there is a lot we don't know about how things are actually managed 'under the hood'. Until then, we can only do ad-hoc tests and hunt for correlations, and their opposite, that may indicate the hidden reality.
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