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Default Vibrato select

I got this idea after remembering the private sample library a friend let me try out a few years ago, the strings were incredibly rich and moving in expression(only problem was there was no mod-able vibrato intensity).

This request is written with the assumption that the vibrato in Hollywood Strings is synthetic/programmed vibrato and not sampled vibrato, if it is sampled vibrato then refer to the #2 part of my request.

1: [If synthetic] Selectable vibrato range; a selection or adjustable knob in play can be made to adjust the pitch range of the vibrato ie. a range from a 16th of a tone to nearly a semitone(if possible)manipulable with mod 2.

2:[If sampled] An add on update to the string patches which allow selection of the vibrato's pitch range from a 16th of a tone to nearly a semi tone with mod wheel 2.

3: A sample update which allows the bowed "slide" up and down a given string using the pitch wheel. Some really basic examples of what I'm talking about would be the electric cello "slide-up" heard in Why So Serious by Hans Zimmer or some of the eerie pitch slides heard in Supernatural.
The pitch wheel can be used for this already but there's a point where it starts to sound fake.
Would an advanced articulations patch and or upgrade be possible?
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