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Default RAM, SSDs, and Audio Interfaces

Hi there! So I have a first generation MS SurfaceBook with i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB internal HD. It is connected to a MS SurfaceBook dock, to which an external Samsung T1 SSD with my EW libraries and a PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 are connected.

Software-wise, I'm running Cubase 10. Once I eliminated the 1000ms latency by switching to ASIO4ALL, it runs pretty well for just a few tracks (strings and piano, MoR guitars and bass, and BFD3 drums), though I do sometimes get some popping.

As I increase instruments in the near future (looking to do some full orchestra stuff), I just wanted to get some thoughts about how increased RAM vs. a better audio interface vs. additional SSDs weigh against each other. So with that in mind:

If I were to get a new computer at some point with significantly more RAM (64GB+), will the AudioBox bottleneck the performance of many tracks playing back at once, or does having a lot of RAM make up for soundcard/audio interface shortcomings?

Conversely, if I had to choose between RAM and a more powerful audio interface, which would make the bigger impact in this scenario (or both equal in different ways)?

Regarding RAM vs. multiple SSDs: Since SSDs are so much faster to stream samples off of then traditional hard drives, is adding additional SSDs with the samples split among them a better performance investment than adding more RAM?

I guess I'm generally trying to get a feel for which of these items (RAM/audio interface/SSDs) delivers the best performance for the money, if one had to choose which to upgrade first.

- Rob

audio interface, hardware, ram, ssd

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