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Old 12-20-2019, 05:05 AM
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Default New sound card

Hi, everyone.
I have some question regarding audio interface
for pc and mac.

I need some help.

I am using TC Electronic Impact Twin firewire
sound card, but my soundcard has a defect
in Main output (loose connection), beside
that, driver issues with windows causing
BSOD, etc....

Actually i can still use my Impact twin,
most functions on this soundcard works,
but i really want to get rid of firewire connection, too many problems!

I am considering buying a usb based soundcard
with dsp fx onboard.

I am thinking about buying RME babyface pro
or Universal Audio or maybe Apogee!

Focusrite is not good enough, neither is
Behringer or M-audio or Ik Multimedia.

I want prestine supert DSP fx and crystal
clear high quality souncard with stable driver.

The soundcard should have these specs:

4 in / out
onboard dsp with reverb etc. (vst support!).
usb 2/3 based soundcard
Mic / guitar with preamps.
software driven mixer.
phantom 48v mic.
Maybe onboard dsp desser and compressor, just like
Impact twin.

I am thinking about buying Steinberg UR44, my budget can only handle buying UR44 price range, atleast for now.
If i buy UR44, i hope this soundcard has better sound quality than Impact and better dsp fx etc.

I need a soundcard which has hi quality
crystal clear playback of audio.

I could go for Thunderbolt3, but my
mac mini 2012 (core i5)is to old, and my pc is allso to old (core i7 2600k, 3.6ghz).
That means, i have to invest , buy a new
pc and a mac, which will cost more than
2000$, i just dont have that kind of
money now.
Allso, very important, i need a soundcard that can handle many virtual vst instrument, like Halion 6, Omnisphere , East West Hollywood string with very low latency.

I need a soundcard that can handle recording two inputs realtime while playback many audio / midi track same time!

Should i buy Steinberg UR44 / UR44C ??

Or is Steinberg not good enough?.
PC: Core i7 3.4ghz, 24gb ddr3 ram, gfx gtx 760, Samsung 256gb / 512gb ssd. MAC: Mac mini , Core i5, 2.3 ghz, 16gb ddr3 ram, yosemite. Software: Cubase element 8, Wavlab element 8, Halion 6, Bstation, Omnisphere 2.6, EWQL Hollywood String Gold, EWQL Orch Gold, Space, Stormdrum 2, Voice of Passion, Goliath, solo violin, Superior drummer 3 , Ivory Pianos 2, Sampletank 3 SE, UVI synsation, Korg m1, wavestation, poly/ mono vst. Hardware Synth: Roland JV880 / xp30, Yamaha DGX630, SPD8.
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