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Old 06-05-2018, 02:59 PM
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Default Best DAW for using EWQL

Hi there,
Iím a Sonar user and would like everyoneís opinion on whatís DAW works best with EWQL. Composer Cloud is my go to instrument plus I use Pianoteq and some drum loops.Just want to sound out my options if Sonar dies and want to know what other EWQL users use.
Iím on a budget.
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Generally any daw that supports vsts will work. There are many choices like ableton live, logic pro(mac only), cubase , pro tools, fl studio, reaper etc.

You should be good with any modern daw with regards to EWQL.. What really matters is the the features and whether the workflow suits your needs. I myself switched from Sonar to FL Studio recently for this very reason

Go and try out the demo versions
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I'm happy with Sonar, regardless of where the company stands. I'll run the last Cakewalk version into the ground with EWQL until it up and dies on me.
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Cubase or Nuendo (or Cubendo lol) work great for me. I've be using those for years, and if I'm not mistaken a lot of Hollywood composers are always showing Cubase on their screens. They're great for midi composing especially so that's my 2 cents.
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Yes, Cubase is taking over as the top DAW in Hollywood. One reason I love using it with Composer Cloud is that it has a disable track feature, so you can have a large template including all instruments, but only have the ones you need for the current project activated. This saves on RAM, so it's a good choice for users with only 16GB or so.
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Software: Cubase 9 Pro, VEP, PLAY, KONTAKT
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There are two important things that you should pay attention to:

- Does the DAW fit your needs?
- Which version of the DAW do you really need?

Especially question 2 is something that you should really thing about. Cubase for example,
has Element, Artist and Pro versions, which have quite different amounts of features. I highly
recommend you think about what you're aiming for.

That being said, most DAWs out there allow for a 30-day trial if you submit a e-mail or register
an account, albeit with varying restrictions on what is available for use.
Limited track count, no export functions – you get the gist.

I do recommend you try out the varying DAWs that exist. You've probable come across
a few of them till now, but I'll still list a couple, which have been tested by EastWest.
Check the compatibility matrix below. The fat ones have a trial available:

EW PLAY Standalone: Because who needs a DAW, right?
Ableton: https://www.ableton.com/en/trial/
Cubase: https://www.steinberg.net/en/products/cubase/start.html
Neundo: https://www.steinberg.net/en/products/nuendo/start.html
Digital Performer (DP): http://www.motu.com/products/software/dp
Logic Pro X: https://www.apple.com/lae/logic-pro/
FL Studio: http://www.image-line.com/downloads/...odownload.html
Garageband (free): https://www.apple.com/lae/mac/garageband/
ProTools (PT): http://www.avid.de/pro-tools
Studio One: https://www.presonus.com/products/Studio-One
Reaper: https://www.reaper.fm/download.php
VE Pro: https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Vienna_Soft...a_Ensemble_PRO

Once you're sure of your DAW and you aim to continue in music, then I'd suggest getting the full version with all of the features.

Screenshotted from the Play 6 webpage > System Requirements.
Please note that these are merely the DAWs which are tested by EastWest. If you have any other DAW
and want to know more about the compatibility, please contact our support. Thank you.
Lorenz W. - EastWest Technical Support - E-Mail: lorenz@eastwestsounds.com

Helpful links: Sample Path, Library Sizes, Tips and Tricks, OS & DAWs - "On Drives" is being Updated
Hardware: OS W7 Pro, i7-4910MQ 2,9 GHz (Overclock to 3,9 GHz), 32GB RAM, int. 3TB 840 EVO SSDs,
ext. 1TB Samsung T1 + 6TB backup + UR22 Interface + Kawai MP7 (88 Keys) + Yamaha MS60S Speakers
Software: Cubase Pro 8.0.40, PLAY v6.X.X, EastWest et multi alii

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Play is compatible with Sibelius, Finale, Dorico, Notion and Overture.
Bill Reed
Finale 25, Overture 5, Notion 6, Sibelius 8.5, Cubase 8.5
Win10 x64, 32GB RAM, Focusrite Scarlett
Kontakt, VSL VI, VE Pro, EWQL Orch, Choir and Pianos
August Forster 190
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One nice thing about Logic is that it's cheap (< $200) and you get free continual upgrades. But you have to go Mac obviously. It's industrial strength otherwise and has seen long time studio usage.
Old 06-20-2018, 12:18 AM
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Honestly, I switched from Sonar to Reaper and haven't looked back. It, kind of, reminds me of it, but a bit more streamlined and doesn't have the bug of not being able to see the selection marquee after some notes have been selected and you want to add more.

It's $60 and well worth every penny. It seems to have some issues with certain effects VSTs like ReValver HPSE (it crashes when loading), but QL Spaces works perfect every time, as does Play, and stuff like Amplitube don't seem to have the same issues. YMMV.

I personally prefer Reaper and it's cheap with free updates. Has both a Windows and OS X version in case you run one or the other. A shame iLok doesn't work in Linux, otherwise I'd be using Reaper and Play there instead.
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