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Old 04-09-2019, 07:38 AM
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Default Keyswitch setting in "Instruments" panel?

I don't find this in the manual, I'm trying to understand the "Instruments Panel". I'm attempting to figure out a way to allow for more than 16 articulations per instrument.

If you open up the Instruments triangle (upper right side), there's a side panel that opens up with the different patches you have loaded. On the bottom of that (bottom right of window) is a number of settings, including Keyswitch (right under Sensitivity), which is there even for non keyswitch patches. What is this and how does it work? Does it allow you to keyswitch your patches, which then may contain internal keyswitches themselves?
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Old 04-09-2019, 01:36 PM
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There are only 16 separate Midi Channels, so you can only load 16 instruments/articulations in each Play instance that are separate.

The Keyswitch option in the Advanced Instrument properties at the bottom of the Instruments tab chooses which Keyswitch patch is the default instrument that gets played when there isn't any keyswitched information in your midi track.
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