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Old 11-22-2018, 05:48 AM
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Default ability to create velocity layer. 2. use round robin for stereo

i miss many features in play

1. in play there is not possible to create a velocity layer. for example. that instrument with mute is play at vel 0-64 and sustain instrument is play from 64-120. harmonics is play from 120-127

there can min max velocity set for each instrument and i thought this is this feature. but read in play manual this do all vel play that are lower as vel min set with level of vel min set.

this is usefull feature too. But to create velocity layer is even more usefull too.

2. the stereo create sound not so good for guitar double tracking. i think with samples that have round robin it sound better when 1. version is play on left side 2. version on right side. on next note on 1. version play on right side 2. version on left side.

3. filter envelope are vwery usefull

4. a lfo to connect with modwheel to add additional vibrato or to change the lfo rate.

5. a envelope for pitch

I think this features are very usefull to have. digital sampler from the 80er have this features too.
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