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Old 08-19-2018, 12:44 PM
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Default Save Multi As

Would you consider changing the default behavior for the Play 6 Save As function to not use the current instrument name as the default? It is very confusing, and slightly risky, to have the instrument name pop up there.

Bringing up the instrument name in that spot implies to the user that only the instrument is being saved, and that the multi is not. I wasted a good bit of time looking for how to save a Multi in the manual, and here, before resorting to a Google search. You might want to clarify this in the manual, too. (I also wasted time going into the originally installed Instruments folder checking to see if I messed up some of the original files by hitting Save once or twice while trying to fix a problem with my DAW crashing during PLAY 6's sample loading.) The time waste is very frustrating when trying to finish a large project on a deadline.

Also, by not prompting for a new name (you could fill the spot with "Name Your Multi" or something like that) you run a slight risk of actually overwriting the original instrument. (Though I don't think the default save location is in the original Instruments folder.)

As an aside, I'm loving Hollywood Choirs. Nice work!

Thanks for your time,
Old 08-22-2018, 12:28 PM
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I think the default behavior is good. If i load an instrument and then do some slight adjustment or maybe change to close mic, i would still like the instrument to have the same name (so, i know where i got it from 6 months from now) and then i would just add my "adjustments" to the name. Like if i loaded Violin Sus Non Vib Solo and changed it to close mic only, i would call it Solo Violin Sus Non Vib Solo Close. Makes sense to me and it also saves me some typing.

Even if it's a Multi I don't see why its confusing. When you're saying that you hit Save As you're already implying that you want to change the name to something else, so why would you even press Save before doing that by mistake? And even if you did, a name like "Name Your Multi" would tell you nothing later.
As soon as you click Save As you can just start typing and the default name of the last instrument you loaded will be replaced with whatever you type in.
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