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Default Refurbished servers

In a Vienna Ensemble Pro networking setup, since server computers typically don't require nearly as much CPU as the host computer. Wouldn't this be a fantastic option? I wonder why server memory is so much more affordable than i7 memory. Currently 128GB of DDR4 is $1,200. But this is a full xeon system with 128GB RAM and 12 cores for 1k? Sign me up.

Dell PowerEdge R710 - 2x 2.80GHz Intel X5660 Processors - 128GB RAM (16x 8GB) - (6x 2TB 3.5" 7.2K SATA Hard Drives) - 2x 870W PS

You want a data center built for organic growth and the ability to scale based on your company‚€™s changing requirements. You need complete solutions that let you focus your time and money on managing and growing your business. Dell responds with an expanding portfolio of enterprise servers, storage technologies, and services with a single goal: to help you simplify IT.

This server can be configured in many different ways. Please contact us for custom builds, modifications or questions.

Normal wear for a USED server. The unit may have minor scuffs or dings that do not affect the function of the server. Our professional custom foam packaging helps to ensure the safest delivery possible. We are a Trusted, Experienced, and Professional Seller! Purchase with confidence knowing that this unit has been carefully tested and will arrive to you in superb working condition!


Dell PowerEdge R710 6Bay Server
2x 2.80GHz Intel X5660 Processors
6x 2TB 3.5" 7.2K SATA Hard Drives
2x 870W Power Supplies
Core i7 3930k - ASUS PX79 Pro - 64GB RAM - W7 Pro on 240GB Neutron SSD - RME HDSPe AIO - OCZ RevoDrive 120GB - Crucial RealSSD 256GB - 8 x HDD - Motif XS8 - Focal Solo 6 Be - Cubase 7.0.4 - Sibelius 7 - VE PRO - QL Spaces - Altiverb 6 - Complete EWQL Hollywood Series Diamond - SC - SD2 - EWQL Pianos - MOR - Requiem Choir - VSL SE+ - Symphobia 1 and 2 - True Strike - Pro Tools 10 and 11
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Don't by rack servers for your studio! Seriously. Those things make noise like a 747 taxiing around in your loungeroom. I at one point found myself having to host a couple of 1U servers from work while they where moving offices over a few weeks and dear lord what a racket. Even when we put them in a cupboard with insulation nailed around the place to try and block the noise they where loud enough to make it hard to sleep down the corridor and in another room. Thats how loud they are. People who work in datacenters are often advised to wear hearing protection.

You absolutely could not use one of these in a studio.

If you want something rackable, buy a rack mountable case DESIGNED for studio uses and build it up.

Ideally you want something with lots of IO lanes, NVMe support so you can use those new ultra fast SSDs that hook into the motherboard and run crazy fast, and can take DDR4. Graphics doesn't matter, so onboard GFX is probably ideal, but make sure it can take a GPU since Im convinced we're going to start seeing GPU sped up convolution reverbs and the like more common as a very logical, and possibly superior, alternative to dedicated DSP.

Basically, build a killer games machine, but omit the monster graphics card , and find a rack mountable case with quiet fans, and you've got your perfect vienna pro server.

Oh and if possible get the crazy fastest network cards possible. 10GB or better. Its not the data transfer speed your after, its the latency.

Also neat thing about doing it piecemeal, you don't have to do it all at once. (Just, uh stick your waves plugins back in the cloud or on USB before updating motherboard. their DRM is whack)
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