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Old 12-06-2018, 03:48 AM
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Default Samples on a hard drive on SATA II controller - will PCI-E SATAIII card help?

I read in EW's own documentation that SATAII is an older standard that has much lower throughput than SATAIII or USB3. There is a recommendation for putting an SSD (or two in RAID) on a SATAII PCI-E expansion card.

My question: Will such a card increase performance with a normal 7300 rpm hard disk, or is the boost only noticable with SSDs?

According to Winsat (windows command-line utility), I'm getting 23 MB/s for sequential read, and 1.06 MB/s for random read. This sounds almost unbelievably bad, and I haven't had as much disk streaming trouble as those figures would suggest.

Still, I would like to increase performance cheaply, if that is possible. Anyone with experience of SATAII PCI-E expansion cards?
Old 12-06-2018, 06:56 AM
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What are your computer specs? Your PC most certainly has internal SATAIII connections.
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No, it only has SATA II. Gigabyte EX 58.
Old 12-10-2018, 04:57 PM
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I haven't looked into it yet, but please note that this is motherboard dependent!
Your connected drive can only be used, if it's also fully compatible with your internal
motherboard. I'd get in touch with Gigabyte support on this.

SATA II is indeed slower than SATA III, but even then, a 23mb/s seq read seems
a bit slow to me. How is the harddrive currently configured? Is it NTFS?
Is that drive your Operating System harddrive? How is it connected?

What is your Play > Settings > Streaming > Sample Cache value?
The higher the value, the more is being loaded into RAM.
Try changing that and see if it helps.

What is your buffer size set to? What's your CPU and RAM?
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Default Expansion card has no effect.

Sorry, I read the data from another disk (a USB one). It's not THAT crappy.

The value for the disk with EW samples on was 159 MB/S, but still a ridiculous 1,46 for random read.

To answer my own question:

I bought an PCI-e to SATA III expansion card, and that had practically zero effect.

I also changed from IDE to AHCI in BIOS (after doing the requisite registry mods), and that had about zero effect on the disks with samples, but a huge effect on the SSD system disk. However, EW users should be aware that before you do that, you need to de-activate, as iLok will think you've got yourself a new computer.

My hard disks (the ones with audio and samples on) are all NTFS and sequential read is around around 120 and 160 MB/S, respectively. Random read is still reported at a little over 1.5 MB/s...

I can still run relatively large projects with Hollywod instruments, but they take ages to load. Anyway, my attempt at an easy, cheap upgrade failed.
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