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Default Eastwest Installation Center and Play - Programming Language for Screenreaders

I wonder, in addition to Java, is it possible that Eastwest can incorporate a bit of C++ programming language into the Installation Center and all of the Play Interfaces? In the Installation Center, I can sort of access the buttons and controls, but there are a few that don't read all the way with JAWS. For example, there's a listbox, and when I press Control+Up/DownArrow keys, and it lets me scroll through all the libraries. However, it doesn't announce the name of the one I'm pointing to. It just says something like, "1 of 69", "2 of 69", etc. The numbers are apparently the libraries and software available with Play, then when I tab over, there's a button next to each one, that does one of two modes. On some of them, when I press DownArrow, it says the following choices: "Locate Directory", and "Locate Directory And Reinstall". On others, when I press DownArrow, it says the following choices: "Show Directory", "Deactivate License", "Locate Directory", "Locate Directory And Reinstall", "Download And Reinstall", and "Update Instruments". Even on some libraries, there's a link that says "More Information". How do I tell which libraries are the ones I've purchased, and which are the ones I haven't yet purchased? In each Play interface, I can't seem to access any of the sliders, buttons and dials without sighted help. This is especially where the C++ Programming Language can come in handy.

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