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Old 08-02-2018, 08:26 PM
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Default Please Help Making a Sibelius Drum Map for Hollywood Percussion

I am working on creating a manual soundset for Hollywood Percussion. I would purchase one, but none seem to be available.

Using Sibelius's soundset editor and some XML editing, I've been able to get my manual soundset to work for the non-percussion instruments. That, of course, includes the mapping of the Program name to the Sound ID. I think I understand about using the pre-built Sound IDs or making my own - I did purchase the Hollywood Brass sound set.

The problem I am having is understanding drum maps. I can't seem to get the unpitched percussion sounds to map.
With the Drum Maps, I am doing this:
In my Sound Set file, I have

HTML Code:
    <Patch Name="Snare">     
and in the DrumMapList section I have this:

HTML Code:
   <DrumMapDefinition Name="SnareMap">
      <DrumSound Name="Snare Hit" SoundID="unpitched.drum.medium.snare drum.snares on" Pitch="24">
        <StartSwitch IsMultipleNoteSample="true">
      <DrumSound Name="Snare Roll" SoundID="unpitched.drum.medium.snare drum.snares on.roll" Pitch="36">
        <StartSwitch IsMultipleNoteSample="true">

I then open a blank sheet and add a Snare Drum. I switch to my Play Configuration which loads the sounds into Play. There are a couple of other non-percussion patches that load as well as the snare drum on channel 4.

When I play the piece back, I don't hear any snare drum nor do I see the MIDI lights flashing in the mixer for the snare channel. If I switch to the Sibelius play configuration, I do hear the snare and see the MIDI lights. I also tried manually changing the mixer to the snare patch but that didn't work either.

I then go to edit the instruments and click the Edit Staff Type... button. I check that the notehead does have Snare Hit selected for Best Sound and the notehead with the roll above it does has Snare Roll selected for Beset sound.

What is the proper way to make a drum map for unpitched drum sounds in Sibelius?

Thank you for the help.
Old 08-10-2018, 12:53 PM
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Good question ... soundsets in Sibelius are a pretty complex topic. You can't just assign midi channels through the mixer, you have to work within Sibelius' system which works with a "sound world" map, where each instrument is assigned a place in a hierarchical tree structure. I gave up this years ago and now just use NotePerformer (which sounds excellent).

Are you using the sound set editor? That's a program which Avid Sibelius released years ago to allow the creation of manual sound sets.
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