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Old 10-26-2018, 10:19 AM
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Default An Operatic Quartet

I know that a solo bass and tenor singer aren't normally featured in a movie score, but they are featured in some movies that I'm aware of.

Like how Evangelion 3.33 - You Can (Not) Redo has a cue called "Long Slow Pain (3EM20)" where, at the end of the song, the bass singer, Michael George, sings the phrase "So will the afterlife bring peace or suffering? The only savior is solace from misery"

Maybe an entire operatic quartet could be used in someway.

Maybe the specs would be:
Tenor SOLO
Soprano SOLO

I also know that it's impossible to replicate a true operatic singer with Wordbuilder. Which is why I do not ask that you impliment wordbuilder into the program.

That's all.
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