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Default Favourite String Setup

Ok so i think i have the hand of loading up multiple instruments in one version of play.
Does anyone have a favourite string setup that they like to use.Im using Composer Cloud and Im setting up a template of my own go to strings but there are so many to choose from
For example, someone might like in Hollwood a certain combo of 1sts/2nd violins then a particular Viola, Cello, Bass and so on
Just would be interested to see what peole like,Im mainly doing strings but if someone has some input a full orchestra would love to hear that too.
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Default Hollywood / Symphonic Orchestra + Pianos + Percussion Template

Hey bluearrows and anybody else reading this,

this is an old template setup from a few years back.
I still use it quite extensively and have modified a few
additional templates out of it, depending on what I need.
I've decided to dig it back up and add a few explanations.

EDIT: This template was created in Cubase Pro, though since I've only
listed the individual instruments, the specific DAW really doesn't matter!
If you're unsure of which DAW to use / get, please see this "On Daws" link.

Obviously, while composing I add / delete patches. IMO the strings are the
most important, which is why I always load a few more than necessary.
Better to delete, than having to search for a patch you like / need.
I (currently) donīt use a lot of woodwinds and brass, thatīs why
I mostly stick to the KS patches.


Slur & Spic Smooth Run
KS Sustain
KSFP Sus RR Ni (with unloaded 3rd and 4th string)
Non Vibr RR Ni
Leg Port Ni
MOD Stac Marc
Pizzicato RR
Bartok Pizz RR

The viola, cello and contrabass use their respective patches.

You can read up on KSFP - KeySwitch Finger Positions on this longer forum post here.
I hope it helps explain why I unloaded certain finger positions, deeming them not suited
for my needs. Yes, they definitely have their validity, I just don't use them that much.


For the woodwinds I only load the KS Sustain patches for each instrument.
The only exception is the flute, where I also load the KS Runs FX patch.


6 French Horns - KS Effects, KS Sus_Short and MOD Marc Short RR.
3 Trumpets - KS Effects, KS Sus_Short and MOD Marc Short RR.
Solo Tuba - KS Effects, KS Sus_Short and MOD Marc Short RR.
4 Trombones - KS Master.

I additionally use the Wagner Tuben (from SO) KS Master and ModXfd Sustain Fade.
What I often like to do is coarse down-pitch the tune to get a very gritty sound.
You can do that in the Play engine > Player window > right-hand side.


A few patches sometimes are also from The Dark Side and Ghostwriter but those aren't listed,
at the moment. The most are from the Stormdrum 2 and 3 percussive libraries, which I use a lot!

The following is mostly based out of Hollywood Orchestral Percussion.
I think a few of them are from the Symphonic Orchestra percussion

Xylophone + Xylophone Rolls
Orch. Perc Basics Kit 1 + 2
Timpani KS Felt + KS Hard
Mahler Hammer

As for my personal favorite ensemble from Stormdrum 2:
Persian Battle Drums, Midde Earth Ensemble und Trailer Toms.
Those three combined pack a really hefty punch.

Youīll just have to check out, which cymbals you like. I think I listened to all
of them and then chose randomly. I'm not that much of a percussionist, so this
section I play by ear. I still have no clue why I included the Mahler Hammer.


My personal favorite is the Steinway D grand piano (slight bias, probably,
because I have one standing at home and been using it for 10 years ).
For that the Steinway D Master with all mics loaded.

Depending on the situation, I'll switch that for the Bechstein 280 Master
or actually duplicate my Steinway track and then re-load the Bechstein
as the instrument - ultimately doubling the pianos.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Well, those are the Hollywood patches I open with my usual orchestral template.
The mics are always main for the initial load of the template. During the final
mix-down and for the export, I'll add additional mics to enhance the sound
to create a more "roomy" feeling.

I've also got a small choirs section and also a small ethnics part.
These will be usually expanded es required, mostly just taking over
my ethnic template.

It's important that you take your time to get a template set-up. It can take
a few days, but having it will be a real help in the future, when you need to
instantly access a certain sound-set, but don't have enough time to start again
from scratch!

Obviously, the amount, which you'll be able to load will also be dependent
on your system settings. Please make sure that you're not overloading and
causing too much stress to it. Here are two Play 6 settings (also available in
Play 5), which you can use to ease the load on your system:
  • p. 19: The Sample Cache feature allows you to determine how many
    of the samples are loaded directly into RAM or are streamed from the drive.
    Test out different levels to see what works best for you. "0" will stream mostly
    from the drive, "5" will load the most into your RAM.
  • p. 56: The Sample Purge feature allows you to remove any not used
    samples from the RAM.

I'm aware that sharing templates isn't done that often, so I hope that this will
be a help of sorts to anyone who is unsure of what to load. Starting out, it can
be quite overwhelming with what exactly you're supposed to do.

Of course, this is also only a small part of what makes a template. The balance
of the individual instruments to one another is also very important, as well as the
panning - spatial placement of the instrument in the orchestral layout - and any
additional effects / reverb plugins, which are loaded onto the tracks. I currently
use the Spaces 1/2 convolution reverb engine.

Lorenz W. - EastWest Technical Support - E-Mail: lorenz@eastwestsounds.com

Helpful links: Sample Path, Library Sizes, My Template, Tips and Tricks, OS & DAWs
Hardware: OS W7 Pro, i7-4910MQ 2,9 GHz (Overclock to 3,9 GHz), 32GB RAM, int. 3TB 840 EVO SSDs,
ext. 1TB Samsung 1x T1 & 2x T5 + 6TB backup + UR22 Interface + Kawai MP7 (88 Keys) + Yamaha MS60S Speakers
Software: Cubase Pro 8.0.40, PLAY v6.X.X, EastWest et multi alii

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Thanks mate your a legend
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